Monitor Employee Internet Activity

With Office Browsing History Analytics

Why Office Browsing History?

Connect Top Management With The Workforce

In business, the key to success is having the right people, at the right positions, with the right attitude. However, the higher one goes up the management ladder, the more removed executives become from their employees. Top executives seldom get an honest opinion about what’s going on below.

Browsing patterns reveal the true state of mind of people at every level of the organisation. We’re connecting top management with their workforce, giving them the ability to observe what’s really going on with every single employee, team and department.

Change Employees’ and Management’s Perspective

We enable supervisors to better understand the mindset of their employees. Changes of browsing habits are representative of swings in motivation and commitment. We help management to strike the right tone and to react to shifts in morale as they happen.

We’re raising employee awareness for their own behaviour online. Faced with an unbiased picture of the time wasted on the Internet, employees have the opportunity to better themselves by practicing self-control, ant to improve the metrics of entire divisions at a time.

Foresee And Manage Personnel Problems

Office life is stressful and frustrating. Currently, almost 20% of US adults suffer from anxiety-related illnesses. Most of them aren’t aware of the toll their work environment is taking on their health. This leads to lost productivity, unnecessary suffering, and conflicts in the workplace.

We’re informing the management of changes in employee behaviour, giving them a head start in assisting their staff before real problems emerge. Whether it’s overworking, sleep debt, or slumps in motivation, every issue can be resolved before the employees are even aware of it themselves.


Blocking vs. Tracking Internet Use

In 2016, almost 80% of major US companies monitor their employees. Blocking Internet access to certain websites is sometimes necessary for security reasons, such as preventing data leaks or malware. However, blocking Facebook in the hopes of employees wasting less time online is ineffective in the era of smartphones. Employees will still browse the Internet while at work - but management will not be able to know the extent of it.

Let everyone access the Internet freely, knowing that they’re being monitored. Then, use browsing behaviour data to fine-tune your managerial decisions.


If this is your first time, we recommend you register for a free trial with an Individual profile to test our solution on your own computer. Afterwards, you’ll be able to switch to a Corporate profile, which will enable you to manage multiple accounts, and send out invites to all your employees.

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  • Monitor the time spent online by your employees
  • Employees have access to their own browsing analytics for self-improvement
  • Supervise each employee’s browsing behaviour
  • Give lower-level management access to their team’s data
  • Track the time spent on different categories of websites
  • Receive weekly PDF reports in your email
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