Employee-Friendly Internet Activity Monitoring

The Tracking Solution They Will Beg You to Install

Increases your productivity
Improves collaboration
Gives you a morale boost
Improves your browsing skills
Can be turned off anytime
Get karma points for being a caring boss
Make your company more transparent
See the full picture on your smartphone
Motivate your employees
Know your employees better
Nothing to install on the system
One-click installation on the browser
Full-proof security
One-click PDF reports
Make your boss and colleagues happy

Why Office Browsing History?

Powerful Analytics

We assign a category to every website our users visit, so that you can see at a glance the amount of time spent on Entertainment, Shopping, Email, etc.

Beyond traditional browsing history, our awesome charts make it easy to discover browsing habits, and oversee how employee behaviour changes over time.

Full-Proof Security

Nothing is installed on your computer’s system. The browsing data is collected using a browser extension, which runs in a sandboxed browser environment. Due to the nature of our process, your computers and network are safe against any security breaches or attacks.

One-Click Install

Employees install our tracker themselves, after receiving an invite from management. No software to download - the browser adds the extension when the user clicks on a link on this website.

Employee Friendly

Employees can temporarily turn off the tracking by logging out. This helps them getting used to being monitored, and respects their expectation of privacy. They can also access their own browsing statistics - and track their progress!

Data Protection

Our service isn’t free, because we don’t monetise your company’s browsing history, and subscription fees are our sole source of income. Our Terms Of Use state that we will never transfer your browsing data to any third party, aggregated or not, anonymised or not. Because your browsing logs shouldn’t be up for sale.


If this is your first time, we recommend you register for a free trial with an Individual profile to test our solution on your own computer. Afterwards, you’ll be able to switch to a Corporate profile, which will enable you to manage multiple accounts, and send out invites to all your employees.

$5per user per month
billed monthly
  • Monitor the time spent online by your employees
  • Employees have access to their own browsing analytics for self-improvement
  • Supervise each employee’s browsing behaviour
  • Give lower-level management access to their team’s data
  • Track the time spent on different categories of websites
  • Receive weekly PDF reports in your email
  • Free for 30 days - no credit card required